Change of Event Details...

OK...here's the deal.

We will be doing this at 5:30pm on Friday June 26, in front of the Illinois Center (also known as The Thompson Center, at Randolph and Clark)

In case anyone is unaware...here is The Thompson Center...

There is a very distinct statue in front of The Thompson Center...here it is...The dance will take place next to this statue, but not facing it. Some (1 possibly 2) camera men will be on the flower boxes. More will be on the street.

Again, I need 25 confirmed "yes" in order for this to be a go...if you have questions or want to confirm yes...email me at saralabranch@live.com

Dress in street clothes, or business casual.

Some dancers have expressed interest in a run through before hand at 4pm Friday in Grant Park...let me know if anyone is in for that as well:)

...we will be putting the video on this site as soon as possible...we do need you to end and walk on...Check the examples below...I hope this flies!