Last Minute Details...

OK, we are totally a go for tom! We will be doing a run through at 4pm (location here). You do not need to do the run through to jump in.

At the Thompson Center, the dancers will be facing west (backs to the white and black statue) We will have a camera man on the ledge in front of you...one to the side...and then one or two shooting crowd shots.

A few pointers on the dance...
-wear street/business clothes...before the music starts, act like you are doing something, walking somewhere, talking on the phone, whatever...just not like you are waiting to dance.

-The most complicated choreography is at the beginning...feel free to jump in later in the dance if you are not comfortable with the start.

-you will be facing west for the dance, but for the hokey poky...wave hands towards the center.

-after the hokey poky is over...we need you to walk away, like nothing happened, business as usual (I will update this site with an edited full version of the entire performance)

-we are using a portable boom box for the music...it will be loud, but not extremely loud...we will mix sound back in for the final presentation.

-have fun...the dancing does not have to be perfect...fun, get spectators to jump in...this will be great...Let's Rock Chicago!!!